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How does Bonve rotary lobe pump with heating jacket work? 2019 / 05 / 18

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What liquid need a pump with heating jacket during transferring?

When transferring high viscosity liquids, such as resin, polyurethane, polymer, polyethylene, detergent, glue, sugar, chocolate and other liquids that are solidifying at room temperature. Liquid that flows easily by heating, and places that need to be insulated for outdoor installation in alpine regions.

What is the role of the heating jacket?

Most high viscosity liquids will decrease in viscosity with increasing temperature during heating, increased mobility for easy transfer. When the pump starts working in the cold region, or stop for some time, the first warm-up reduces the starting power of the pump and not damages the motor.

How does Bonve rotary lobe pump with heating jacket work?

Bonve rotary lobe pump heating jacket is built in pump chamber or pump cover. Heating medium keeps a circulation work in the jacket, and heat the transferred product. This way can make product flow more easily, so achieve efficient transfer. Heating mediums can be conduction oil, steam or hot water according to the site's conditions.

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