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  • Tomato sauce & paste
    Equipment for ketchup or tomato sauce production As a recognized market leader in pumping and mixing technology, Bonve has been at the forefront of supplying its rotary lobe pumps and homogenizers to food industry for over 18 years. Tomato sauces (Ketchup) is a typical product we served and our heav...
  • Bitumen homogenizer
    Bonve High Shear Homogenizer for Bitumen production Asphalt modifier refers to a natural or synthetic organic or inorganic material added to an asphalt or asphalt mixture, which can be melted or dispersed in the asphalt to improve or improve the road performance of the asphalt. For the purpose of im...
  • Soaps and Detergents
    Rotary Lobe Pumps for Soaps and Detergents for transfer purpose As a recognised market leader in pumping, Bonve has been supplying its rotary lobe pumps to the soap  and detergents industry more than 18 years since 2001. Bonve lobe pumps are to be found in many stages of the soap and detergent ...
  • Fruits and Beverages
    Bonve Rotary Lobe Pumps for the Fruits and Beverage Industry Rotary lobe pumps are used in fruits and beverage. We named them as fruit and beverage transfer pumps, which can convey thin and thick liquids. Pumps are made of sanitary stainless steel and keep low rotation speed that will not damage the...
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When you choose a Bonve pump, you not only get the pump, but you also get the advantage of Bonve's engineering expertise and years of application knowledge in your industry.

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