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  • High Corrosive Polymer solution transfer pump
    Project: Bonve chemical grade pump used to transfer High Corrosive Polymer solution A chemical company in Russia used Bonve lobe pump for their Polymer solution transfer. The product is very high corrosive with PH of 3. In 2017, the customer ordered one unit pump with material of stainless steel 316...
  • 98% sulfuric acid transfer pump
    Project: Bonve chemical grade lobe pumps used to transfer 98% sulfuric acid A petrochemical company ordered Bonve 4 units LOBE PUMPS to transfer 98% sulfuric acid. 98% sulfuric acid is highly corrosive, pump wetted part material selected is very important. The material should be high corrosion resis...
  • Paper chemicals transfer pump
    Project: Bonve lobe pump used to transfer starch, cooked starch, AKD Although the pump only accounts for a small part of the investment in papermaking equipment, it plays a key role in the overall operating period of the equipment. In any case, the reliability of pump operation and low maintenance c...
  • Resin transfer pump
    Project: Bonve lobe pumps used to transfer Polyurethane Resin  In the year of 2010, Bonve had started to supply its ROTARY LOBE PUMPS for resin applications. Resin is very special product which has not high viscosity but very sticky. Normal pumps could not work well with it because of...
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