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How to install Bonve rotary lobe pump? 2019 / 07 / 13

Bonve rotary lobe pumps are engineered to perfection with innovative design and stringent quality control to give you trouble free service.

To ensure satisfactory performance of pump, it is important that the pump must be properly selected, installed and maintained. Proper selection of appropriate model is most important for best performance, equally important is proper installation. Neglect of foundation precautions, during installation may result in premature failure of the equipment. Finally, good operation depends on good maintenance.

Here will share how to install Bonve Rotary Lobe Pump?

1.BONVE lobe pump has gone through quality inspection and character test before coming to the market. Take particular care and install pump right or it may vibrate greatly, which will shorten the service life.

2. Foundation of pump installation should have a horizontal plane. In line with the installation dimensions, four basic holes should be scooped first. Then ground screws are to be put into the holes for cement casting. When cement is dry, use sizing block to adjust the chassis and make it horizontal. Lastly, screw up the ground bolts.

Bonve Rotary Lobe Pump

3. The pump should be installed within 3 meters below the storage tank and the inlet pipe should be bigger than the pump inlet in diameter, so as to avoid hindered flow or cavitation erosion.

4. Pipe linking the pump should have supports respectively, which should not be the pump body.

5. To safe guard any damage in pump body and the motor, a relief valve should be fixed at the exit of the pump, equip an over-current protective device.

6. When the pump is installed, there should be a filter set ahead of the pump inlet. The filter screen should be of 60- 120 meshes, with effective area three times larger than the pump caliber, so as to avoid any hindering of the flow.

7. In installation, at pump inlet should be fixed a gauge valve for convenience of damaged meters replacement.

8. After the pump is installed, mark the ground connection point at the motor and make it connect the earth in accordance with the national safety standard.

9. If the pump is mobile type, hose should be used as at the inlet and outlet of the pump. In this case, valve and manometer are not necessary. The pump can only be pulled on level ground as four wheels (two of them are wheels) are fixed below the base plate. In case of too steep slope or a sharp turn, particular care should be taken to prevent any off-balance or sliding.

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