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How to operate Bonve rotary lobe pump correctly? 2019 / 08 / 16

Bonve Positive Displacement Lobe Pumps are engineered to perfection with innovative design and stringent quality control to give you trouble free service.

Bonve Positive Displacement Lobe Pumps

To ensure the normal operation of the pump, it is necessary to do the inspection before starting, and the problems that need to be paid attention to during the operation. Please see the details as below.

A. Start

1. Before leaving the factory, the pump gear box and motor reducer has been injected L-CKC220# lubrication oil (Not including the pumps shipped by air). Before staring up, please check the oil condition in the gear box, to see whether the oil is transparent enough. The proper volume of oil should be half of the oil gauge window. The lubricant oil should be replaced on a regular basis. Normally, after 4000 hours of running the gear oil should be replaced altogether.

2. Before starting the pump, check all inlet and outlet valves of the pipe. When the medium flows into the pump chamber, turn the pump by hand to see if there is anything abnormal. Then make some inching to observe the rotation direction and flow of medium. If all is fine, start the pump. Rotation of empty pump is strictly forbidden. When the rotation reaches its normal speed, observe the pressure index.

3. In case there is a requirement of pump suction length on the installation, a full injection of medium should be made into the inlet pipe and the pump chamber.

4. If the process flow calls for heating or cooling of the medium, before starting the pump, user should first switch on the heating or cooling device. The heating should be 10 minutes at least in advance before the pump gets started.

5. If the pump equipped with double-face water flushed mechanical seal, it should start cooling water before running, and ensure there is no cutting off phenomenon happened during running, otherwise the mechanical seal will be damaged at once.

B. Run

1. When the pump is running, users should watch out for the motor power and the rotation condition and stop it to check if there is anything abnormal.

2. Make sure that the mechanical seal has no leakage or heating.

4. The mechanical stepless speed controller shall adjust gradually in accordance to the data displayed after the start up. The turning of the disk of the speed regulator is strictly forbidden when the pump stops; otherwise it may damage the stepless speed change device.

5. Manual frequency modulation and auto control can be selected if frequency control used.

6. Regular check the heating condition of the pump and the motor. When the pump is in the water cooling condition, the temperature rise of the bearing is 40C degree; when it is in the hot water heating retaining condition, the bearing base is allowed to be 30C degree higher than the pump body.

7. User should not use the valve at the inlet pipe to regulate the flow, to avoid any vibration caused by the cavitation erosion.

8. When the pump is running, closing the inlet and outlet valves is forbidden.

C. Stop

1. When the pump has been idle for long time, please use hands to turn the coupling before restarting, and will feel stable resistance of the coupling and can still rotate it freely. Closely distinguish if there is any friction or foreign matter in the pump.

2. When the pump and motor are reset, user should check the coaxiality of the pump and the motor, measure the circles deflection of the coupling, which shall not exceed 0.1mm. Otherwise, it could make the pump vibrate and shorten the service life of the main shaft.

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