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How to operate Self-priming process for lobe pump? 2019 / 08 / 25

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In general terms --if the self-priming process is -- the pump ought to contain sufficient liquid to fill the internal recesses and the void spaces thus enabling the pump to create a pressure difference.

However, if low viscosity fluids are to be pumped, a foot valve of the same or greater diameter as that of the suction pipe should be installed; alternatively, the pump can be installed with a "U" shaped piping.

The use of a foot valve is not recommended for pumping viscous liquids.

In order to eliminate air and gases from the suction pipe, the counter-pressure on the discharge pipe should be reduced. When the self-priming process is used, the pump's start-up should be done by opening and emptying the discharge pipe which allows the air and gases to escape at a low counter-pressure.

Another possibility involves long pipes or when a check valve is installed in the discharge pipe; it is also possible to install a by-pass with a shut-off valve on the discharge side of the pump. This valve shall be opened in the case of priming and will allow air and gases to escape at a minimum counter-pressure.

The by-pass should not lead back to the intake orifice but to the supply tank instead.

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