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Rotor pump routine maintenance method. 2019 / 05 / 27

Rotor pump

The rotor pump is also called colloid pump, lobe pump or universal transfer pump, etc., and the rotor pump belongs to volumetric pump. For any mechanical equipment, whether the daily maintenance work has been done well? It is not only reflected in the normal production, but more importantly, it directly affects the service life of the mechanical equipment.

Rotor pump routine maintenance method.
1. Daily maintenance, whenever the machine does not work, according to the nature of the material to be transported, select the appropriate cleaning agent, the pump can be effectively cleaned, and finally have to be cleaned with water to ensure the pump is clean health.
2. Lubrication parts, the transmission gears, rolling bearings of the pump, must maintain good lubrication conditions, usually, always pay attention to the level of oil in the gear, give enough lubricant, and to ensure that the oil quality is pure, clean, regular.
3. Electrical system, around the electrical equipment, is not allowed to store equipment, substances or gases that destroy insulation. At the same time, it is necessary to keep the electrical equipment working in a dry environment. If it is difficult to avoid the need to add moisture-proof facilities.
4. The pump seal is divided into static seal and dynamic seal, the seal should pay attention to the surface without scratches or bumps. Otherwise, it will directly affect the sealing effect. For the dynamic seal, it will be affected by many factors such as the pressure and the corrosion of the transport medium, and the wear of the particles in the medium. If there is a slight carelessness, there is a possibility of leakage. Once the product leaks, it should be shut down and repaired in time, cleaned with a soft and clean cotton cloth, and coated with a layer of glycerin. After assembly, use the hand before you can start using it. If the repair is hopeless, replace the new one.

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