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System design and installation for Bonve lobe pump 2020 / 04 / 27

When a Bonve lobe pump is to be incorporated in a system, it is considered good practice to, as far as possible, minimize the length of the pipes and the number of pipe fittings. When designing the suction lines, particular care should be taken. The pump shall be installed below the storage tank and keep the inlet pipe as short and straight as possible. Always consider the following when designing a system:

1. Ensure there is space enough around the pump to allow for:

A) Routine check and maintenance of the complete pump unit, drive motor, etc.

B) Good ventilation for the drive to avoid overheating.

2. Both the suction and the discharge ports shall be provided with valves. During check-up procedures or maintenance work, the pump must be isolated from the system

3. The system design, pipes and other equipment shall have independent supports to avoid heavy loads on the pump. In the case of pipe work or other equipment relying on the pump fixings for support, there is a big risk for serious damage to the pump.

4. For positive displacement pumps, it is recommended to install some safeguards, for example, safety relief valves, over-current protective.

5. If any filters involved before the pump, screen is advised to be 60-120mesh, with effective area three times larger than the pump port diameter, so as to avoid any hindering of the flow.

6. Electrical control panel with VFD is advised to match for the pump to control pump working and speed regulating.

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