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Why Bonve Pumps are high price? 2019 / 04 / 27

Not to do the product well, but to lower the price. This is normal in many industries. When our people get a little cheaper, they will be complacent. But actually, they lose more. The price is bad, the market is broken, and of course our people can return to the original level. However, the process of this repair will be lengthy and even cost the death of a batch. Sometimes, even a variety will disappear completely. The power of the new life is not from the moths who are not afraid of the deceased, but from the opponents who follow their own way and stick to their own quality positioning and price positioning.

Appropriate price is conducive to industrialization and scale, but the price is too low, and the industry is stifled without any means. This is the truth that has been proved by countless facts.
In the current market, if you go around, you will find that there is a serious surplus of similar products. The price is lower than that of a family. Which product makes money, and which product is sold by everyone, which style is sold well, everyone follows the style. The same variety, from 10 USD to 2 USD, there is no difference in packaging! Customers only look at the surface and feel that they are not too bad. In fact, in the invisible place, the gap is very big! But the customers don't know, they are staring at cheap buys, and slowly good things are starting to cut prices in order to survive! So, this is really an era of death!

Can you do it well if the price is overpriced? 80% has a poor prognosis. Just as the land is polluted, can you expect food to be free from pollution? This is also a daydream! The land is polluted, at least for a few years. Let the grass grow wild, purify all the pollutants, restore the original purity of the land, and then plant the crops. However, in the few years that this granule has not been harvested, many people are unable to keep going, either starving or migrating.

The truly respectable enterprise is not the fastest growing and expanding enterprise, nor the largest enterprise. It is a company that consistently creates business value and social value, and has its own bottom line. This is why Bonve has not been taking low prices for its pumps.

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