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Why spend time on the calibration center for pump? 2019 / 06 / 29

At the scene, the problem with many pumps was that there was no calibration center, so the problem with the failure was not the pump itself.

As the alarm frequency rises, it is known to some end users who think that the pump and the drive device are well aligned, and that they do not need to be calibrated before starting up. These users generally plug in the power directly and drive. Later, when the pump had a costly problem, pointed out to them that this was caused by poor alignment, and the end user would ask, Why is it not aligned right before leaving the factory?

The center of the pump is indeed aligned at the factory, although not so accurate, but the drive motor will be displaced for various reasons.

Therefore, we strongly recommend adjusting the center of the pump at least 7 times during the use of the pump.

The 1st calibration center:

Before the pump is shipped from the factory, the drive is usually placed on the base and roughly alignedto ensure an accurate centering is possible on site. There may be exceptions to this situation, depending on the type and size of the drive. The coarse calibration may only include edge-to-edge adjustments, and does not involve vertical or angular offset calibration, as these will be resolved on site. No matter how precise the calibration is done at the factory and how careful the equipment moves, the center position changes during transportation.

The 2nd calibration center:

When the pump and base are received in the field and initially placed on the foundation, a centering should be performed. It is important that alignment or inspection be performed before the pipe is connected to the pump. This step is often missed, resulting in high costs.

The 3rd calibration center:

When the pipe is connected to the pump, the center alignment should not be changed. This makes it easy to change the center of the pump and place unnecessary stress on the pump. If the pipe must be forced to the flange, stress will be generated and the center calibration may be changed. Not forcibly connecting the pipes does not mean that no stress is added to the pump. Thermal expansion and contraction create stress during operation. Stresses in the pump can cause the bearings to be out of round and eccentric.

The 4th calibration center:

After the pump has been running for a period of time (possibly for a few hours), carefully close and recheck the alignment to see if there is a change and correct it as needed.

The 5th calibration center:

It is recommended to recheck the alignment of the new pump approximately 3 to 5 months after the initial start-up to verify the previous operating conditions.

The 6th calibration center: Check after maintenance.

The 7th calibration center:

Regular school center. Foundations, foundations, and supports, just as the foundation of your home will settle, crack, and move. As an active preventive maintenance, it is a good habit to re-examine the center after a few years. If there are good reliability or vibration testing procedures, there may be other reliable indicators that tell you the correct school center time.

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Why spend time on the calibration center?

Without an accurate calibration center, mechanical seals, bearing and coupling life will be shortened; pump premature wear; unacceptable vibration; shaft failure, noise, inefficiency, and associated extra power costs.

There are also a large number of supporting documents on the market that indicate that pumps without calibration centers need to consume 7% to 10% more power, and some even higher than 15%. If the pump can talk, it will say: "Now spend some money for me... otherwise I will spend more money in the future." Or in a nutshell: "Time is money."

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