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Bonve pump's motor: single or three phase? 2019 / 06 / 09

Stainless steel rotary lobe pumps

For Bonve Stainless steel rotary lobe pumps or Industrial Homogenizers, single phase or three phase motor used?

Let's see what is single-phase and three-phase firstly?

A single-phase motor is connected to a zero wire of a live wire, and a three-phase motor is connected to three live wires (the fire wire is the phase wire, commonly known as the fire wire). The common single-phase motor is rated at 220V, which is not commonly used in industrial production. Mainly used for civilian, because the efficiency of single-phase motor is not as high as that of three-phase motor, so once the power requirement is in the kilowatt, or several kilowatts, the three-phase motor will be selected. The motor used in our home is usually a single-phase motor because the load is small.

In fact, there are two sets of windings in a single-phase motor, one is the working winding, also called the main winding, and the other is the starting winding, also called the secondary winding.

Since the single-phase motor uses single-phase power, there is no rotating magnetic field generated on the winding, but the generated pulsating magnetic field, the pulsating magnetic field does not generate torque, so the motor will not rotate. giving them a starting winding, the power supply of the starting winding is also drawn from the main winding, but a phase shifting device (such as a capacitor) is added in the middle. After the current flows through the phase shifting device, the current is out of phase, which becomes a so-called two-phase. A rotating magnetic field is generated inside the winding and the motor is rotated. The three-phase motor rotates in the same principle, but uses three-phase AC, and does not need phase shifting! The main difference between single-phase and three-phase is the nature of the power supply.

For Bonve Stainless steel rotary lobe pumps or Industrial Homogenizers, they are mostly required for production using. Widely used in food, beverages, daily chemicals, pharmacy, pulp and paper, coating and painting, oil and gas, biotechnology etc. Pump Max. Flow rate can reach 300m3/H and motor matched are from 1.1-160Kw. Three-phase motor should be used when pump electrical power is over 2.2Kw. That's why normal motor we offered are 3 phase.

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