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How to disassemble and clean the rotor of Rotary lobe pump? 2019 / 09 / 02

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Positive Displacement Lobe Pumps

When the rotary lobe pump used, the medium is high viscosity or contains particles, after the long time using, there may be dirt residue in the pump body. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the rotor pump regularly. Eliminate the slight hidden danger by periodically cleaning the rotor to ensure long-term stability, high quality operation.

Then how to disassemble the rotor of Bonve Rotary lobe pump?

Positive Displacement Lobe Pumps

1. Pump cover O-ring

2. Pump cover

3. Shim

4. Rotor lock bolt

5. Rotor

6. Drive pin

7. Mechanical seal

8. Pump body

9. Mechanical seal seat O-ring

10. Mechanical seal seat

11. Front end lid O-ring

12. Front bearing

13. Gear

14. Collar

15. Sub-shaft

16. Set piece

17. Rear bearing

18. Lock nut

19. Rear-end cover (upper)

20. Bearing shim

21. Holding screw

22. Reinforced seal (rear)

23. Rear-end cover (lower)

24. Rear tank cover

25. Rear tank cover O-ring

26. Gear box

27. Main shaft

28. Reinforced seal (front)

29. Front end lid

1. Pulling out holding screw between pump cover (2) and pump body (8), meanwhile take out the pump cover O-ring (1).

2. Dismantle the rotor lock (4) and shim (3) from main shaft (27) and

sub-shaft (15), then pull out the rotor (5) with special lamar. When install the rotor, please note, two locating pin of rotor must insert the two notch of mechanical seal ring. (diagram 2)

Positive Displacement Lobe Pumps

3. Attention: all dismounting parts should be put on soft clean place, guard against any friction or collision.

4. Check each of the parts while cleaning. If there is any galling or collision, it must be fixed.

5. The assembling procedures are adverse to the dismantling procedures. When fix the pump body, please note two locating pin holes on the pump body, one of which has a stamp mark next to the hole, and its direction is upward; when fix the pump cover, the stamp mark on the side of the pump cover should be aligned with the stamp mark on the side of the pump body. (diagram 3)

Positive Displacement Lobe Pumps

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