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How to maintain Bonve lobe pump? 2019 / 12 / 11

Bonve stainless steel rotary lobe pumps are engineered to perfection with innovative design and stringent quality control to give you trouble free service. To protect your investment and keep your rotary lobe pumps in tip-top shape with these 14 tips from Bonve.

1.Commit to regular service and maintenance to guarantee optimal pump performance.

2. When the pump is running, the motor may overload with the increase of viscosity, flow and pressure. So user should regularly check the manometer, the safety valve and over-current protection device to ensure working normally.

3. When operating the jacketed pump, make the hot water or steam flow firstly and do not start up the pump until pump temperature rises up to the requirement. Before shut off the hot water or steam, please stop the pump firstly.

4.Routinely Check for mechanical seal whether leakage. If your mechanical seal type is required water flushed. Please turn on the cooling water before starting up the motor. Starting the pump without cooling water is forbidden. (Especially note on Bonve single face water cooled mechanical seal, pls keep water flow like drops. No big pressure )

5. Within one year after installation, the pump should be cleaned on a monthly basis, including the filter and the filter screen, to avoid clogging, which shall make the pump unable to work properly. Y-type filter is forbidden, as the effective area is so small as to hinder the flow of medium.

6. When transmitting high viscosity medium, the user should dilute the medium before stopping the pump, to make sure no residual medium is solidified in the pump. Use cleaning solution to clean by pump circulation if necessary.

7. After transmitting cooling or condensed medium, the pump should be kept rotating for 5-10 minutes with cleaning solution to clean the inside chamber. Change the cleaning solution several time and prolong the cleaning time if necessary.

8. When new pipes are installed, users should clean the welding slags or other hard particles. Otherwise, they could enter the pump working chamber and damage the rotors, pump body, shaft, mechanical seal and so on.

9. Check regularly to see if there is any loosening of the connections and fastening screw, tighten them if necessary.

10. Check pump working chamber regularly to visually inspect the pump casing and rotor for corrosion and mechanical damage, and decide whether to repair or replace according to the pump casing and rotor corrosion or mechanical damage.

11. Check regularly the oil level indicator to see the oil condition. If no oil is indicated, add oil till about half the indicator. After 8000 hours of running or two years running, pls replace the gear oil.

12. When the pump does not working, select the appropriate cleaning agent according to the nature of the conveyed material to effectively clean the pump to ensure the sanitation of the pump.

13. Always use Bonve genuine spare parts which are designed for durability and performance.

14. Plan for preventative maintenance after 12 months to avoid unscheduled downtime and maximize lifetime and value.

For more tips on how to extend the life of your Bonve rotary lobe pump, email to trade@bonvepumps.com to ask more.

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