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Using tips of Bonve lobe pump 2019 / 10 / 12

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Bonve Rotary lobe pump

Bonve rotary lobe pumps are engineered to perfection with innovative design and stringent quality control to give you trouble free service.

To ensure satisfactory performance of pump, it is important that the pump must be properly selected, installed and maintained. Proper selection of appropriate model is most important for best performance, equally important is proper installation. Neglect of foundation precautions, during installation may result in premature failure of the equipment. Finally, good operation depends on good maintenance. Below is the main tips before your using.

Using tips

--Pipe size should be 1 inch bigger than pump inlet diameter at least, especially for handling high viscosity liquids. Keep inlet pipe as short and straight as possible, within 3 meters. No Welding slag in the pipe and pump.

--Before starting up, add oil into the gear box of pump and reducer. Oil type is USO220# industrial gear oil. The oil condition in the gear box and the proper volume of oil is half of the oil gauge window.

--Connect the power wire and ground wire correctly and make sure the rotating direction is same with the red arrow direction.

--Connect cooling liquid (water) for mechanical seal. Water supplied should be no pressure, just little flow like drops. Stop water supplied after pump off. You are also allowed to use without cooling liquid, just make sure pumped product can flow into pump chamber smoothly before running.

--Valves at inlet and outlet pipe should be opened before running, let pumped product flows into pump chamber. Pump drying running is forbidden if without cooling liquid (water) for mechanical seal.

Read manual instruction carefully for details.

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Bonve rotary lobe pumps

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