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Bonve lobe pump failure causes and solutions 2019 / 11 / 15

Bonve Positive Displacement Lobe Pumps are engineered to perfection with innovative design and stringent quality control to provide you with a satisfying service.

Anyhow, wrong or improper installation, operation, maintenance could result in the faulty operation of the pump, high repair costs, and breakdown in the long run. For this reason to share some of the possible failures, causes and solutions.




Lacking flow or pressure

Inlet sealing not good enough; wearing of rotors and pump chamber; other sealing leakage

Re-install the pump; replace rotor or pump body

Motor heating

Phase deficiency of power; loose contact; over pressure or over flow; excessive viscosity of medium; rotating member blocking.

Switch on the power again; adjust pressure or flow; check to see whether there is any current overload; heat the medium to lower viscosity; replace the rotating member.

High vibration and noise

Clog at inlet; too high pressure or vacuum degree

Enlarge the inlet caliber; Lower vacuum degree or discharge pressure

Gas leakage at sealing

Loosen or damaged sealing

Adjust or replace sealing

Pump heating

Foreign matter causes low flow or blocking

Open the pump cover and remove the varied; check the rotating condition and replace the damaged parts.

Bearing heating

Main shaft bending; bearing damaged or assemble too tighten; bearing oil is shortage.

Replace main shaft and bearing; Adjust bearing gap; add lubricant oil.

Air bubble in medium

Leakage in inlet pipes

Check inlet pipeline, connections and vales.

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