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/Bonve Ketchup transfer pump shipped to Philippines
Bonve Ketchup transfer pump shipped to Philippines 2019-06-03

Pump technical parameters

Pump main parameters

Name: Ketchup transfer pump

Pump type: rotary lobe pump
Model: 50BV6-10
Displacement: 0.65L/r
Contact material: SS316
Liquid inlet/outlet: 2inch
Connection type: clamp connection
Port direction: Horizontal
Seal type: Mechanical seal

Driving matched to pump

Type: geared reducer + motor,
Motor electrical power: 4Kw

Working data

Flow rate required: 5000L/H

Differential pressure required: 4Bars

Working speed: Around 220r/min

Ketchup / tomato sauce / tomato paste are food product, transferred pump must meet the food sanitary standard. Due to high-viscosity with poor fluidity. The selected pump must have low rotation speed, low shear force and slow delivery. Bonve rotary lobe pump is acknowledged by an effective pump, no damage to the transferred product, no wearing parts, sanitary, low maintenance. A good pump to take replace screw pump. More details please click here to learn more.

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