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Bonve sugar syrup lobe pump 2019-08-24

Bonve sugar syrup lobe pump

Recently, we supplied three 50BV6-10 Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pumps for a food company in Thailand. They need these pumps for their 65Brix Sugar Syrup transfer, then pumps will be used in the production of blueberry juice concentrate. Our customer also share sugar syrup is suitable for Bubble Tea / Coffee / Sauces & Gravies / BBQ / Candy Confectionery / Biscuits / Dessert Mochi / Twisted Rolls & Ice Cream, and Topping for Cake, Pancake & Soft Ice Cream, etc.

Pump technical parameters


Liquid: 65Brix Sugar

Temp.: 50C degree

Working data: 5T @ 30m


Pump information

Model: 50BV6-10

Displacement: 0.65L/r

Rotor type: Tri-lobe rotors

Contact material: SS316

Liquid inlet/outlet: 2inch

Connection type: Clamp

Port direction: Horizontal as standard

Seal type: Mechanical seal

Driving information

Type: Geared reducer + motor

Motor: 4Kw, 3Ph/380V/50Hz

Output speed: Around 240r/min

Sugar syrup is a food product, so the transferred pump must meet the food sanitary standard. Due to high-viscosity with poor fluidity, the selected pump must have low rotation speed, low shear force and good suction. Bonve Sanitary Rotary Lobe Pump is acknowledged by an effective pump, no damage to the transferred product, no wearing parts, sanitary and low maintenance.

Below is photos for the delivery pump. Some months later, we will update their using feedback. If you have similar pump demand, welcome to contact us to learn more or click here.

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