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Your right supplier for sanitary pumps 2019-10-30

With the dramatic increase in hygiene and safety standards in the food and beverage industry, higher demands are placed on pumps that are found throughout the production process:

Soft delivery, cleansing and sterility

The entire process must be hygienic

Safe operation and easy maintenance


Bonve Stainless steel sanitary lobe pumps are designed to transfer low, medium and high-viscosity liquids, which are popular to be used for food and beverage industry because of below features.

Hygienic material

All wetted metal parts are made of SS304, SS316 or SS316L. The elastic material is nitrile rubber, fluororubber, ethylene propylene rubber, polytetrafluoroethylene, and the like.

Gentle, hygienic design

High precision rotor and low shear operation ensure gentle movement of the delivered product.

Modular pump design

The modular design increases the flexibility and interchangeability of the components, and is easy to install and maintain, with less wearing parts; high efficiency and low failure rate.

Easy to drain

Vertical port designed easy to drain, no material residue.

Multiple seal type design

According to the different characteristics of the medium, the correct sealing form is used to ensure zero leakage and no pollution.


Suitable for CIP (clean in place) and SIP (disinfected in place) applications.

High precision manufacturing

Pump working parts are machined by CNC machining center, the surface roughness is below 0.8μm, the inner cavity is smooth, no dead angle, and the medium is prevented from remaining.

Hygienic standard

Comply with EHEDG, 3-A standard.

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