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Bonve Industrial Lobe pump for pulp and paper

The pumps we produce have been in the paper industry for more than 18 years since 2001. When our pumps are transporting materials related to papermaking, we offer targeted configuration, which has achieved low energy consumption and high efficiency.
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Bonve Industrial Lobe Pumps are to be found in numerous processes. We select the pump according to your characteristics of medium and condition of the technological requirements, bring you the best pump for your critical process, satisfied by you and your customers. Typical medium to be transferred in paper industry including Cooked Starch, Coating Pigments, Anti-foaming agents, CMC, Polymers, Starch Slurry, Specialty Chemicals, Emulsions, Resins, Retention Aids, Sizing agent, Flocculating agent, Dry/wet strength agent, Softening agent/softener.

Bonve lobe pump working diagram

Stainless steel cooked Starch lobe pump

Pump working principle

Stainless steel cooked Starch lobe pump

Bonve lobe pumps basically consist of two lobe rotors, which rotate synchronously driven by a pair of synchronous gears in the gearbox. The rotors are driven by the main shaft and sub-shaft to rotate in a synchronous reverse direction, which changes the pump capacity, builds up high vacuum and discharge pressure, thus an efficient pumping is formed. Gap is kept between the rotors and between the pump casing, no friction, long life, no damage, no physical and chemical reaction to the pumped products.

Pump structure diagram

Stainless steel cooked Starch lobe pump

The bare shaft pump is mainly composed of rotor, chamber, mechanical seal, gear box, gear and driving shaft. All these core components are processed by CNC. Our manufacturing technology has reached the international advanced level!

Stainless steel cooked Starch lobe pump

Special design

Seal Type: According to the different characteristics of the medium, you can have the Single-face balancing mechanical seal, Double-face water cooled mechanical seal, Heat resisting bellows mechanical seal, etc. Targeted seal used ensures zero leakage. All these types can be universally interchanged.  

Stainless steel cooked Starch lobe pump

Stainless steel cooked Starch lobe pump

Stainless steel cooked Starch lobe pump

Rotor type: According to the different medium, the rotor designed has Single-wing, Double-wing, Tri-lobe, Four-impeller and Multi-impeller type, and all of these rotors can be universally interchanged. 

Stainless steel cooked Starch lobe pump

Pump Structure: Bonve designs a variety of pump structure which has a universal type, V-feeding inlet, safety valve built-in, VFD controlled mobile, vertical installed, pulley driving and etc. Meet the different requirements of site installation.

Stainless steel cooked Starch lobe pump

Bonve pumps already served 6000+ pumps to Paper mills for and successfully to solve the pumping problem. For low maintenance, cost saving and long-life.

Any interest to need a RFQ, contact cathy@bonvepumps.com

Below is a Selection guideline for your reference.

Liquid information

Your industry: __________ Liquid name:___________

Features:  Sanitary [    ]    Corrosive [    ]   Poisonous [    ]

Viscosity:_______cp  Density:_______  Temperature:_____℃  PH value:________

Solid content:_______    Max. size of particle:_______  

Using condition

Capacity:  Max. required__________ L/H     Working required__________ L/H

Discharge pressure: Max. required__________Mpa    Working required__________ Mpa

Suction pressure: Max. required__________Mpa    Working required____________ Mpa

Delivery head required:____________  Vacuum:________ Mpa

Heating jacket required:   Yes [         ]   No. [         ]           Heating temp.:_____ 

Liquid inlet/outlet direction:  Horizontal [         ]   vertical [         ]  

Pipe size:  Inlet___________   Outlet____________

Connection type required: Flange [          ]     Thread [         ] Clamp [         ]

Installation type: Fixed [         ]     Movable [        ]

Operating status: Continuous [         ]    Interruption [         ]

Liquid contact material:  SS304 [         ]    316[        ]   316L [       ]         Others________

Special request_____________________________________

Order qty.                        

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When you choose a Bonve pump, you not only get the pump, but you also get the advantage of Bonve's engineering expertise and years of application knowledge in your industry.

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