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Bonve lobe pumps for HEXIN Resins 2019-02-25

In the year of 2010, Bonve had started to supply its ROTARY LOBE PUMPS for resin applications. Resin is very special product which has not high viscosity but very sticky. Normal pumps could not work well with it because of unsuitable seal structure. We Bonve overcome this problem and develop the seal type especially for resin. Resin has many applications, ranging from art to polymer production, and many consumers interact with products that contain it on a daily basis. Bonve pumps are highly acknowledged in these applications because of no wearing parts, low maintenance and long life. More and more customers are using Bonve pumps to replace their original gear pumps.

HEXIN COMPANY uses 25units Bonve pumps to transfer Polyurethane Resin and are very satisfied. They have big problem with their original gear pumps because of gear wearing, seal burning. Below is their pump main specifications and working site photo.

Pump name: Rotary lobe pump

Pump model:  65BV6-20

Working flow rate: 10m3/H

Working pressure: 3Bars

Driving: geared motor

Electrical power: 7.5Kw

Speed: 200r/min

Original pump used: gear pump

Transferred mediums: Resin products


When you choose a Bonve pump, you not only get the pump, but you also get the advantage of Bonve's engineering expertise and years of application knowledge in your industry.

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