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Bonve Soap Transfer Pump For Liquid Soap Neat soap And Laundry soap 2021-08-26

This is a special type Bonve rotary lobe pump which used to transfer liquid soap, neat soap, laundry soap. We named the pump as soap transfer pump.

soap transfer pump

Bonve rotary lobe pumps are specially designed to transfer the liquids which are high density, high viscosity and corrosive, where their reliable low shear flow characteristics are ideally suited to the transfer of soap products. For soap products, we have supplied more than 500Units pumps at site. Below is a successful case from our customer in Tanzania.

The customer is the big company to produce soap products. They use our pump to working the LAUNDRY SOAP which containes PFAD, Palm Stearin, Soap Stock, Calcium Fines, Caustic Soda, Sodium, Silicate, Talc Powder, Colors and Perfume. Abrasive product. They had tried many gear pumps and lobe pumps from our competitors, but worn out soon and had to change the parts frequently. The failure has caused them big maintenance cost, waste and poor production efficiency. Fortunately, they found us in 2019 and we solved their problem. Now the pump still works fine and they plan to order more soap lobe pumps from us.

Click to view more detailed information of the soap transfer pump.

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