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/Hish Shear Homogenizer Passed the SGS inspection|COC Certificate
Hish Shear Homogenizer Passed the SGS inspection|COC Certificate 2021-09-10

A new high shear homogenizer passed the SGS inspection. It is ready to be shipped to Uganda. This high shear homogenizer pump is used to homogenize the passion fruit juice. Key is to ensure that particle size after homogenization is extremely small and sedimentation does not occur. The handling capacity of the delivered homogenizer is 2000L/H. Inlet port is 50mm and the outlet port is 40mm. It is equipped with a motor with a power of 18.5KW.

Three-Stage High Shear Emulsifying And Homogenizing Mixers

Technical Date

Product name Fruit juice mixing pump
Model FHM3-165
Rotor stator type Three-stage
Liquid inlet 50mm
Liquid outlet 40mm
Connection type Tri-clamp
Seal type Double face water cooled mechnical seal

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