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Why we divide many types of rotary lobe pump 2019-03-20
Why we divide many types of rotary lobe pump?Like tomato paste pump, syrup pump,chocolate pump, cream pump, toothpaste pump, AES pump, paper pulp pump etc.
Usually, lots of customers don’t know the exact name of lobe pump. They search and ask pump with their products.So if you don’t know how to choose a suitable pump, just tell us your product information.

For example, a customer from pharmacy factory asks: do you have extract pump? Surely, we will recommend lobe pump. Pharmacy grade lobe pump is our company’s high-end technology and specially designed to transfer extract.
Another example, a customer from food company asks: do you have syrup pump? Yes, we have. Lobe pump is superior to transfer high viscosity mediums with super low shear feeding.As we known, syrup usually has high viscosity, especially at low temperature and easy coagulation. So we have special designed jacketed pump to solve this problem.

Meanwhile, we also can divide lobe pump into high temperature type (our special designed pump can resist 210℃),high pressure type (upto 1.2Mpa), sanitary type, chemical type, common type, particle transfer type, oil-fields type etc.
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