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Bitumen homogenizer 2019-03-22

Bonve High Shear Homogenizer for Bitumen production

Asphalt modifier refers to a natural or synthetic organic or inorganic material added to an asphalt or asphalt mixture, which can be melted or dispersed in the asphalt to improve or improve the road performance of the asphalt. For the purpose of improving the mechanical properties (strength and toughness, etc.) of the asphalt, a material which increases strength and toughness such as a polymer, a resin, a plastic, a carbon black, or an inorganic salt is added.

The main purpose of adding modifiers to asphalt is to improve the road performance of asphalt mixture at high temperatures, to reduce permanent deformation at high temperatures, to improve its resistance to rutting, fatigue, aging, and to resist low temperature cracking or increase low temperature. Performance in terms of fatigue resistance, etc., to meet the requirements of traffic conditions during design use.

During production, Bonve homogenizer mixer machine is very important to use for mixing, dissolving, emulsifying and homogenizing. More details pls click here.

Bonve homogenizer mixer


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