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Food grade stainless steel pump for paste

Bonve lobe pump with rectangular square or hopper design, specially for paste, semi-liquid products transfer which has quite poor liquidity.
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Bonve rotary lobe pump with enlarged rectangular inlet design, allows highly viscous products such as semi solid pastes or mixtures containing semi-solid pieces to be pumped.

Typical mediums to be transferred

Meat slurry, meat paste, fish paste, mashed potato, pumpkin or sweet potato mash,sausage etc.

Bonve rotary lobe pump

With the characteristics of low rotation speed and high output torque, Bonve rotary lobe pump shows its talents to transfer high viscosity meat paste. Its unique working principle works with a strong drive system, ensure that the pump can output a strong driving torque at low speed, can guarantee continuous, non-stagnant transferring.

Advantages of Bonve Lobe Pumps

  • Gap is kept between the rotors to allow no friction, thus to ensure long service life.
  • Simple installation and disassembling easy maintenance and cleaning, strong resistance to wearing.
  • High efficiency and energy- saving, stable transmission, low failure rate, good sealing and low noise.
  • A heat retaining device can be built in structure.
  • Suitable temperature: 1~250c degree.

How pump Bonve Lobe pump works?

Bonve rotary lobe pump

The even rotation of the rotor pair creates a vacuum on the priming side of the pump, which can be defined by the direction of rotation of the drive. This vacuum draws the liquid into the pump chamber. With further rotation, the pumped medium is conveyed past the pump wall into the pressure area. Up to six chamber charges are displaced with each drive rotation– depending on the rotor type. When the rotor is at a standstill, the pump seals off almost completely.

Pump main structure

Bonve rotary lobe pump

Pump structure advantage

Bonve rotary lobe pumpBonve rotary lobe pumpBonve rotary lobe pumpBonve rotary lobe pumpBonve rotary lobe pumpBonve rotary lobe pumpBonve rotary lobe pumpBonve rotary lobe pump

How to choose Bonve pump?

Liquid information

Liquid name:___________

Features:  Sanitary[  ]    Corrosive[   ]  Poisonous[   ]

Viscosity:_______cp  Density:_______  Temperature:_____℃ PH value:________

Solid content:_______    Max. size of particle:_______ 

Using condition

Capacity:  Max. required__________ L/H     Working required__________ L/H

Discharge pressure: Max. required__________Mpa    Working required__________ Mpa

Suction pressure: Max. required__________Mpa    Working required____________ Mpa

Delivery head required:____________  Vacuum:________ Mpa

Heating jacket required: Yes[    ] No.[    ]           Heating temp.:_____℃

Liquid inlet/outlet direction: Horizontal[   ]   vertical[    ] 

Pipe size: Inlet___________ Outlet____________

Connection type required: Flange[    ]

Installation type: Fixed [    ] Movable[    ]

Operating status: Continuous[    ]  Interruption[    ]

Liquid contact material:SS304[    ] 316[    ] 316L[    ]         Others________

Special request_____________________________________

Order qty.                        

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